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Create a world of sound.

We are interpretative artists. We get the pleasure of transforming other people's thoughts, words, and melodies through our own unique instruments. As a music director, I get the honor of guiding performers through this process while also getting the best seat in the house... the podium.


From developing new works to conducting orchestras to dueling pianos for crowds, art is collaboration. Being a music director is more than waving a stick and acting as a traffic cop. It is drawing out the best in everyone to create a rich aural landscape for the audience. 


My work as a singing actor gives me a rich understanding of how important effective musical leadership is to any performance. I approach each project with new eyes and truly enjoy the process of bringing many genres of music to life.

“He had the power to control the room and obtain the results and sound he wanted from our company, while still keeping a light and enjoyable air at all times. His innate kindness and ability to understand, comfort, and support our actors put them at ease and built their confidence, producing an improvement in them that was very much noticeable over the rehearsal process.”



“Curtis brings a positive energy to any room that he works in. He is patient, collaborative, and extremely talented. Working with him as the accompanist and vocal coach for my musical theatre audition class was where I felt most grateful to have him. He was always up to the task of helping performers find the right cut or feel for their music, he provided thoughtful feedback, and he was a real team player in the room.”


Broadway Producer


Let's make music!

Music Direction

Efficient and empathetic leadership for new works and stage productions

Collaborative Piano

Artistically-supportive piano accompaniment in many styles

Dueling Pianos

Energetic "piano bar" singing & playing with an extensive repertoire list

“Beyond being just the nicest guy in the world, Curtis was enthusiastic, proficient, and professional with every member of my team, from cast to the band to producers. He brought my Lincoln Center concert to amazing heights!”



“From his expert knowledge of material to meticulous attention to detail, he is guaranteed to execute any performance with beauty and accuracy. He is one of the kindest professionals I know and so easy to work with. From musicals to choirs, Curtis is number one!”



“A very special mention must go to musical director and pianist Curtis Reynolds, who does an absolutely amazing job with the musical requirements from the onstage grand piano.”


There's more where that came from!

Check out the rest of my music direction videos on YouTube.

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