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The Studio Membership is an all-inclusive voice training subscription. Along with being cost-effective, the communal support and skills-based features will lead to long-term results. Rather than continuing to get quick fixes, why not commit to your authentic goals and deepest artistic wishes?

What's included:

✔️  Foundational Core Content

Most lessons are spent... talking. But they don't have to be that way. By having core studio content that applies to all singers, all members will have an established vocabulary when they come to individual lessons. This will streamline the process and allow us to jump into singing. 

✔️  Online Community Support

All members regardless of Skill Pod or type of membership will automatically be added to our private online Facebook group. This will be a place to share successes, professional opportunities, and studio progress. 

✔️  Skill Pod Cohort

Pursuing new skills is easier in groups. By watching each other strategically work on specific skills, we can all gain new insight on how to approach our own unique challenges. Skill Pods will consist of skills-based presentations, group intensives, and repertoire work. 

✔️  Individual Lessons 

1:1 lessons are, of course, still the backbone of voice training. However, with all the other studio services, individual lessons will have a much richer context and overall feeling of connectivity to continued work. 45-minute lessons are included in the membership as they seem to be the sweet spot for productivity. 

✔️  Studio Class

There will be monthly opportunities to either virtually attend or asynchronously watch studio classes. These sessions will feature guest speakers, master classes, and member performances with communal support and feedback.

✔️  Asynchronous Feedback

Without feedback, our craft rarely improves at the rate we would like. Seeing a teacher once a week is helpful, but we spend most of our time guiding our own process. Utilizing asynchronous feedback between lessons is a convenient way for work to continue.

✔️  Strategic Repertoire Planning

Repertoire is medicine. Making sure you have a well-rounded book AND material that will further your skills is crucial. Members will get one free repertoire planning session with the opportunity for discounted ongoing sessions.


  • opportunity to focus on one skill in a group context

  • combination of presentations, intensives, and repertoire development

  • capped at 6 people

  • sessions span 2 weeks and are ongoing

  • equivalent to a fourth monthly lesson

Getting Out of a Rut

A place for people to explore new genres, find vocal love again, and get out of their vocal comfort zones.

Classical Crossover

For "legit" singers ready to come to the dark side. A place to figure out strategies for classical and musical theatre singing.

Singing + Instruments

A playground for actor-musicians to refine singing and playing (and dancing and juggling and doing magic).


  • $325 monthly (10% discount)

  • 3 x 45-minute lessons

  • Skill Pod OR fourth lesson

  • Access to all studio services

Annually (best value)
  • $3670 annually (15% discount)

  • 3 x 45-minute lessons per month

  • Skill Pods OR fourth lessons each month

  • Access to all studio services

  • Payment installments possible

Individual Lessons (a la carte)
  • $120 x 60 minutes

  • $90 x 45 minutes 

  • $65 x 30 minutes

  • This does not include studio services.

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