Music Direction, Voice, & Piano

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audio track of melody, melody + accompaniment, or just accompaniment 



musically + dramatically supported repertoire session



musically + dramatically supported warmup | technique applied to repertoire


SONG NOTATION (transcription + transposition)

easy-to-read, audition-ready music created from existing material or audio



cocktail-style classical, pop, or holiday background music

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Curtis made me feel so comfortable and listened to while I was working with him. He is so very focused, kind, passionate, and attentive in any environment. There is a calm to his spirit that not many leaders possess. I felt so very lucky to work with him and have him help me achieve a finished product. 

HANNAH CORNEAUWicked (Broadway)


He had the power to control the room and obtain the results and sound he wanted from our company, while still keeping a light and enjoyable air at all times. His innate kindness and ability to understand, comfort, and support our actors put them at ease and built their confidence, producing an improvement in them that was very much noticeable over the rehearsal process. (re: Catch Me If You Can)

PHIL COLGAN Hamilton (National Tour)


Beyond being just the nicest guy in the world, Curtis was enthusiastic, proficient, and professional with every member of my team, from cast to the band to producers and myself as the composer.  He brought my Lincoln Center concert to amazing heights! 

ROSS BAUM | Composer, Gun and Powder


His musicality is beyond excellent - he is the only piano player I have regularly record audition cuts and accompaniment. He is a joy to work with and fun to talk to - able to get rid of nerves before you dive into difficult music. 

CONOR McGIFFIN | Finding Neverland (National Tour)


Curtis is a wonderful accompanist and collaborator! He has coached me thru many audition sides and has made a very positive impact on my material! 

ANDREW HENDRICK | Kinky Boots (National Tour)


Curtis is a fantastic pianist and coach, who supports the singer with his playing. His incredible musicianship, knowledge of repertoire, and a firm grasp on musical styles make him an asset to any performer. 

KEVIN MICHAEL MURPHY | Voice Teacher, NYC Vocal Studio


Curtis has a special way of empowering his students while he still holds a comfortable control of the room. It felt like we had all the time in the world - like it was another day where two friends could laugh and sing while being immensely productive without stress. 

DAMIAN QUINN | Actor, Los Angeles


Curtis is extremely knowledgeable in all genres of musical theater and very professional at all times. Curtis truly cares about the quality of a performance and will go out of his way to make it the best it can be.


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